Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Three state hop

We needed to get from the bay area to Las Vegas – but via North Carolina. We wanted to get some time with my sister in Cincinnati. And luckily that turns out to be the perfect place to break the journey. We fitted in dinner with my sisters friends, a morning in the antique mart, afternoon in the half price book store and early dinner at the Chinese with her oldest friend Aaron, plus some good hanging out and talking time. Raleigh Durham is just a short hop in a Canadair Regional Jet, where I was sitting next to the tallest US navy officer I've seen – I’d parked in his window seat when the stewardess said the flight was closing, he said he didn’t mind and truth be told I don't think he’d have fit under the curve of the roof at the window!

Two days of meetings and interviews in Cary and two days in Las Vegas, to which we flew on the corporate jet, which is an utter treat and a delightful way to travel, with comfy seats, minimal security, no hassle, a fantastic view of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam – we need one ;-) But somewhere between the chocolate martinis at the poolside reception and the nice steak dinner and watching the lake show at the Wynne – the Muse head with part faces and images projected onto it – I picked up a touch of food poisoning that had me in bed all yesterday. Which was our wedding anniversary. Bleah...

It was nowhere near as bad a bout as the first time I came to Vegas and I was able to finally get up for dinner – the shrimp and ginger mayo at Sensi at the Bellagio was as spicy as I fancied and I went for a nice, plain, easy to digest, all the hard work of shelling done for me steamed lobster with spinach and no alcohol at all. I made almost the whole day of sessions here – from how Harrah’s tracks players from when they check into the blackjack table to the product failures that Procter and Gamble found in modelling rather than in the supermarket and why Pringles would be easier to make sideways. Tonight we’re off to one of our favourite places anywhere – Shibuya – and then tomorrow we have time to wander las Vegas, then we fly back to San Francisco for our very last conference this trip. Of course when we get home we’re off to Jersey and Malta so the road still beckons...

So - any bay area folk who aren't off celebrating the mysteries this weekend want to met up? I quite fancy wineries again Saturday - there's an exhibition at Turnbull that sounds interesting - and Sunday there's the pear festival at Santana Row...
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