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So, we had many Microsoft meetings, met Medio and met Dave ONeill for excellent sushi at Wasabi, which will have to take over when I Love Sushi in Bellevue closes. Saturday Charles de Lint was signing and reading at Elliot Bay Books and I got to catch up with Mary Ann and talk cats and cruise the second hand shelves.
A drive-in called Dalys is closing and it must be good because it inspired a list of where else to go, which included By's - though not Dalys itself. By's does good burgers and fries, excellent onion rings and delicious real fruit blackberry shakes, and it's a lot further down fourth street than you think.
We dropped in to Bellevue mall and Lincoln Square to look at the Chihuly glass and saw the nice folks from Olympia who were at the signing. Then Sunday we flew down to San Francisco, met Rupert for a beer and spent the rest of the week at IDF, which you should go over to itpro.co.uk to read about. Friday we interviewed Logitech and ate pancakes and went up to the observatory and counted wildlife; tarantulas, deer, blue birds, blue jays, turkeys, turkey buzzards, hordes of squirrels in the road and quail. Saturday we had brunch and hung out with Rowan and Russell until I was struck with cold and took to bed for a couple of days. With the cold I just didn't feel up to the conference we were booked for so we're having a day off at Yosemite where I don't have to make sense and Wednesday tanais gets to town.


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25th Sep, 2007 06:44 (UTC)
Having seen Simon's photos, it looks idyllic.
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