Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

They're sweet in Maple Valley

The roadside espresso huts go a lot further out of Seattle than I expect; we java'd up in Maple Valley on the way to Mount Rainier. The gps is taking us a different route and after the debacle in New York we're following it.
We'd had a nice morning on a boat watching the Proteus wave adaptive jointed inflatable catamaran manoeuvering - including getting pulled over by the coastguard! We had a nice afternoon taking a harbour cruise up to the Manhatten Bridge and past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, finished with a late lunch in the park; bruschetta, mozzarella and peach salad and cornmeal fried shrimp (excellent combination of juicy and crunchy). But the trip to the airport turned scary when the driver turned out not to know the way and started ignoring the gps and driving in circles. After he rolled down the window at a red light and asked the driver of the next car we pulled out Live Search and navigated for him, which mean shouting at him not to make every turn two miles early and at one point propelling him across two lanes of traffic with a foot of road to spare at the turn. When we got to the terminal (not the cargo road! This terminal - this one!) I literally ran away from the cab and we dropped luggage with a minute to spare.

The flight was fine but we were shattered and just hung out with elimloth and spritimoving all next day, chatting and picking blackberries and going to watch Stardust (lovely movie despite the unGaiman ending). I'm still puzzled by the column in the paper that said keeping a pet goat would reduce the need for leg waxing...
Saturday we took elimloth and drove to the Olympic peninsula; we just caught the ferry at Edmonds because one road was closed for a street fair and it was a lovely sunny crossing with great views of Mount McKinley. We're having the usual fabulous weather that I always seem to get in Seattle, without a cloud in the sky. Straight through picturesque Port Gamble, past a wedding, through the lavender fields at Sequim and on to Port Angeles for lunch. I can't remember the name of the place but it's the first corner up from the Victoria ferry and opposite the Cornerhouse; excellent sandwiches, nice potato salad and beer batter fries. We save the blackberry shake at Frugal's for the drive back and head up to Hurricane Ridge. Amazing views down to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and into the mountains. The chirping crickets sound just like the piezoelectric striker on our hob ;) Ferry home and dinner from Burgermaster of Bellevue, where the waitress comes out to your car.
Sunday we went to Pike Place Market and had all my favourite things except the Market Grill chowder; peach tea from the Local art gallery, Beechers cheese curds and mac n cheese, donut peaches (plus peaches the size of a canteloupe), fried chicken wings from the Korean stall and chocolate covered cherries. We pottered and tasted and stocked up on market spice tea then drove down to the Hiram Chittenden locks and watched the boats and the salmon and the sea lions, finished off with dinner at Cafe Flora which is vegetarian food so good us omnivores love it too.
Today the gps took us to Sunrise Point on Mount Rainier, which hasn't been open before; a nice route there punctuated by sudden cries of 'mountain' and a fabulous view of Emmet glacier. Both the snack bar and the 123 were closed so we drove way up on the 410, stopping at Jumping Jack Creek for sandwiches and river views then turning down the 12 for lava flows and lakes and more fabulous views. Into the park by Stephens Creek (so we're looking for the mall), past a deep chasm carved by a creek and up to Paradise for sunset on the mountain. The diner we usually stop at for pie was closed so we had burgers at Ruby Tuesday in Puyallup and we're driving home by starlight. We're testing out CoPilot 7 on the HTC Advantage and the lesson of the trip is trust the gps, the gps is your friend.

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