Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Playing catchup

I know we've been doing lots of things apart from that shopping accident: let's see... since tanais and elinor were here...
- *lots* of tidying up, trips to Oxfam, putting things on shelves - I guess we're about halfway to things being properly tidy in all the rooms but it's a lot better. We've got the painters here Tuesday to do the front room windows so the front room is all re-arranged and going back stuff should be tidier there too. The baby Dyson is fun to use so lots of dusting done too ;-)
- I've been having physio for my ankle which was never quite right after the fall. There's still a subtle impaction somewhere but it's a lot better - more flexible, pretty straight, moving more normally, so I'm discharged with exercises.
- Boring but useful, as CHEFFF used to say - we're cooking a lot more rather than getting takeouts and more dishes from scratch than convenience stuff; when we got back from the US we finished off nearly all the things that had been lurking in the freezer, though we still have a *lot* of dim sum and squid in there. Work: we've both done lots and have lots to do. This is probably what fills up all the bits of the last month I can't remember! Working through the last paperwork for my mum's estate now I have probate. Tomorrow I go sign the contract to sell the house and have the auctioneers round to deal with furniture. Are old vinyl records of any value these days? As in Frank Sinatra and Gilbert & Sullivan 60s and 70s vintage...
- a lovely time with ladymoonray, which meant we also returned tamaranth's PC at last.
- indulgence reading; had a binge re-read of Jennifer Crusie and Georgette Heyer favourites.
- discovered last week that a friend from Seattle has just moved to London; met him yesterday for dim sum and then took him over to Costco to buy life's essentials (a pillow, bin bags and a TV mainly) where it turns out you can only use debit cards, and only UK debit cards and not the same debit card twice in a row and many other things that make it hard to pay. Our essentials turned out to be Elysium, Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownie mix and 13kg for cat litter for £5. It's amazing what you can get in our car with good will and a lot of bungie cords. Avoiding the motorway meant we saw a lot of North London; I hadn't seen the really stylish circular furry Hasidic hats before - I liked how many father and son pairs we saw coming back from synagogue or heading to temple. Finished up with dinner at a turkish restaurant where they do many nice things with aubergines and lamb, but also something really disturbing that they call turnip juice which tastes like pickled beetroot without the sugar and who ever saw purple juice come out of a turnip. Fun day out and driving home through London was very nostalgic; at one point we used to come through London when driving home from places and we went down streets we haven't driven down in over five years.
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