Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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Not the shopping you're looking for

We went out today with the plan of buying a square kitchen bin, a snap-clean sink drainer/strainer from Good Grips and the lightweight new Dyson vacuum, plus picking up our repaired suitcase to carry things in. The round kitchen bin is nice but awkward because in order for the lid to open you have to pull it away fromt he wall, but it gets pushed back out of the way and slides back and forth a few times a day, to my enormous frustration. And the DC01 original vintage Dyson is still going strong but is also too heavy for me to comfortably lug up and down stairs and into corners, which are all we really need it for now we have the Roomba. And the inverting sink strainer should mean the icky stuff that catches in the drainer just flips right off and into the new easy-open bin.

That was the plan...
Turns out the suitcase - a wedding present - wasn't repairable so we got a full refund (have I said before how much I like John Lewis?). A full refund onto the partnership card on which we planned to buy the square bin and the Dyson (so the giver of the gift would go from being all about travel to being either rubbish or sucking a lot, in the nicest possible way).

Then it turns out that there aren't any square bins, just half ovals and rectangles, which would take up to much wall space for the cat food bowls to fit. But we did find this very nifty corner fitting bin, with a lid that opens sideways, doesn't bang the wall and closes *slowly* so you don't catch your fingers and despite thinking it was too low and too wide, it is exactly the same height and fits perfectly but with a nice wide mouth that will be easier to get the bin bag in and out of and even a serrated hole to hold the bag in place neatly.
38 litre corner bin

It also turns out that Dysons have got heavier in the last 10-12 years and the new lightweight spiffy machine is spiffier than but not lighter than the DC01. The cord still hooks around the tube so you can't have the cord wound up and the tube out at the same time, which again is just plain awkward. And new lightweight and spiffy means twice the price of the other models. But we did find the new handheld rechargeable Dyson root, which empties straight into a bin without any fiddly canisters or trays or anything to pull out, has far more suck than any other handheld and fits neatly on the side of the bookcase in the hall, with a crevice tool for corners - and an adapter so it looks like it can use the carpet brush tool from a normal Dyson cylinder that I bought to go on the DC01 tube, which makes it great for stairs and corners.

And they didn't have the Good Grips sink thing at all, but as they've only just started carrying Good Grips as a brand they'll try and add it to the order next time they review the range. OXO GG SINK STRAINER
Not a bad haul for not getting anything we wanted when we went out...
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