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But why is is always your email address sites expect you to get wrong?

You don't have to type your name, phone number, credit card number, postcode or any other important information twice - just your email address.

A grey and slightly blah day for me; the sun has gone in, I'm supposed to be working, I had some sad news on Saturday and the probate forms for my mum's estate came through today. We've had a nice weekend though; we dragged tanais to ikea-hell while elinor was at Sectus and met her for dinner then spent Sunday tidying and going out for BLTs and hanging shelves and pictures and making barbecue and chit-chatting. And Simon made me this lovely icon (because the motto of the Jennifer Crusie fanclub one year was Got Snark) And we were excessively sociable last week; two lunch meetings, four press conferences and one movie screening. Now I have a card to write and a parcel to post and forms to get ready to send off and work to do... but first, more coffee
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