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Government weasels

If the government ever wonders why people don't trust/believe in/respect it, may I offer this almost wilfull missing of the point.

I signed a petition concerned that the effect of the government cutting the British Library budget would be to introduce charges at the reading rooms and asking the government not to cut the budget. The official reply states:
"British Library preserves, promotes and celebrates our language and literature, two of our greatest contributions to the world's cultural heritage. It also underpins research in the higher education and business sectors, playing what is an essential part in a modern knowledge economy. This Government has supported the Library in fulfilling these roles since 1997, and will continue to do so.

It is, however, independent of Government, and makes its own management decisions, including on issues such as admission charges."

This conflates the two issues and does not address the point of the petition, says nothing about the budget and offers a weasel-worded reference to support. That's not the question you were asked to answer and it's typical of what we call 'politics' - weaselling your way out of a real answer.

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