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The Lamb Lies Down - on Twickenham

This week is flying by, so while it's still a little fresh in my mind, the Genesis gig at Twickenham was excellent. The venue is improving; the food concessions are looking quite upmarket, though very pricey. The sound was better than I expected. And the set list was not at all what I expected; a really good mix of old and new. Several tracks from Lamb Lies Down... starting with In The Cage, No Son of Mine, Home By the Sea followed by Home By The Sea II, Domino, Invisible Touch, Momma... At one point during Fountain of Salmacis Simon turned to me and said what's next; jokingly I said In Your Wardrobe. Which the band obliged me by playing!

The stage set looks like a crown on a frog; the eyes are oval screens, which mostly show close-ups of band members. What looks like a backdrop decorated is also all screen and showed a mix of videos and effects. For In Your Wardrobe/Your Show, the video was a montage of stills, video clips, headlines, playbills and memorabilia for the band - a really nice effect. One track had white on black 'hand drawn' animations; at one point a figure reached up, touched one of the lights at the top of the screen - and turned it out! For Cage the video was a cg figure running behind and through red bars; some of the time they overlaid Phil Collins on the red bars. It's great to hear the old stuff again. One of the final tracks was Carpetcrawlers and although you could hear the odd 'I don't know that track' mutter in the audience almost everyone sang alone - it was a surprisingly emotional experience, to hear the intricate lyrics of a track you know so well but probably haven't heard in years belted out by a whole stadium. I Can't Dance was fun, with the band dance-walking around stage mirrored by their outlines; the figures went from three to six to a continuous stream all over the screen. For the finale the spokes of the 'crown' over the stage - up which extra lights had appeared as soon as it was fully dark - shot off fireworks; nicely showy.

Tony Banks plays as much like a precision machine as ever; Phil Collins has joined the ranks of black-clad, slightly portly bald singers but he has as much fun as ever; Mike Rutherford smiles, nods and gets on with playing. The playing is a excellent as ever; but Collins just doesn't have Peter Gabriel's voice and he doesn't quite have the range of depth to make the Lamb tracks sound as good. This felt midway between a retrospective - we like the old stuff let's play it - and a farewell; as much as I enjoyed it, I found I was wishing for a reunion gig with Gabriel back on vocals, to hear the lyrics performed as well as the music. Best Genesis gig in years; thanks to the_magician for the last-minute tickets.



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12th Jul, 2007 17:22 (UTC)
A great gig, indeed, and a fairly stunning stage.

A friend who was a few rows further down the other side of the aisle didn't enjoy it so much, but that was because he had a bunch of drunken louts behind him, one of whom got ejected on nearly assaulting friend's dad.
12th Jul, 2007 18:21 (UTC)
I haven't seen Genesis since Milton Keynes in 1982 and Wembley in 1986. I suppose I'd have liked to have seen them this time, had the ticket prices not been taking the piss quite so much.

Re: Carpet Crawlers - I heard a rumour that Gabriel and Collins were supposed to be co-vocalising on a 2007 version of the track?
12th Jul, 2007 20:19 (UTC)
that would be interesting to hear ;-) especially if you could turn off the speaker with Collins singing ;-)
13th Jul, 2007 10:01 (UTC)
I can't imagine LLD without PG singing it to be honest. I much prefer PG Genesis to PC Genesis and LLD is my favourite album of theirs.

So, I am glad you enjoyed it but... ;-p
13th Jul, 2007 10:05 (UTC)
They didn't play "Fountain of Salmacis".

Other than that - nice review.

13th Jul, 2007 14:51 (UTC)
Re: Fountain?
no, I suspect I'm mixing it up with Firth of Forth in retrospect.
13th Jul, 2007 14:57 (UTC)
Re: Fountain?
CDs of concert have been ordered :-)

I *like* the idea that you can order the (properly pressed, not CD-R) "bootleg" of the gig you're at ... and they are doing boxed sets of the 22 concerts (2cds per concert) if you're rich and obsessive! (If you're really rich and obsessive, they are doing a boxed set of all the CDs that includes a signed card from the band for a little under 900)

It was good seeing you, even if too briefly!
13th Jul, 2007 15:24 (UTC)
Re: Fountain?
yes, I hadn't realised you'd be so far away... come over some time - we're out Saturday with my sister and home Sunday clearing up ;-)
13th Jul, 2007 15:33 (UTC)
Perhaps Sunday?
I'll be travelling back from Ely on Sunday (party in Cambridge on Saturday) and last time I did that my train stopped at Putney and I thought of giving you a call, so if you're going to be around Sunday afternoon/evening then I'll jump off the train at Putney and wander over :-)
13th Jul, 2007 16:15 (UTC)
Re: Perhaps Sunday?
that would be nice ;-)
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