Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Mixing the blog streams

Somewhere along the way from Pasadena to LA I lost the thread of blogging our trip, but you can see where we went on the joint blog over at IT Pro. sbisson pulled togehter this handy list of what we've been saying recently - check them out ;-)
  • "Mini USB - it's not just a good idea, it's the law!" China standardises on mini-USB. That'll simplify the power supplies under my desk and in my luggage.
  • "A Virtual Archive" Do you have problems with obsolete file formats? You're not alone - the team at the National Archive have an even a bigger version of the very same problem!
  • "Why are you still using the post office?" There's a strike on today - so it's the perfect time to give up your paper habit.
  • "Take the tablet, just not as it comes" Shiny new laptop; scuffed old Norton uninstaller - and the utility that does the job
  • "Free Wi-Fi, free security holes" I'm not hacking the network, I'm trying to fix it... lucky for the hotel
  • "How simple is too simple?" There's easy and there's deceptively simple; only one isn't a con
  • "Women in Technology at Microsoft" Women in IT - want a job at Microsoft? Go for it…
  • "The commoditisation of IT hits new highs" Next up - the Lego machine room!
  • "Microsoft goes back to the future at TechEd" Few new announcements, and a non-vision vision set the scene for a week with 10,000 IT pros in Orlando
  • "The wrong Dayton airport" Driving through the dawn to Dayton, Ohio for the flight to Orlando, we reach the airport in plenty of time. Shame it's the wrong one.
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