Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Rick O'Shea, the famouse Irish pirate golfer

RIM's Wireless Enterprise Symposium is a smallish conference - 3,600 people - but between interviews, keynotes, sessions, meeting with partners in the showcase and trying to fit in eating, sleeping and writing we've been solidy busy all week. The conference lunches have been excellent - I think the best conference food I've ever had, with, say lasagna and polenta or friid chicken and philly cheese steak and clam chowder or chunks of cold chicken and truly rare beed with tomato pepper mozzarella salad plus extra fixings and two or three desert choices - and the breakfast and snack tables have been lavish - Haagen Dazs ice cream bars and Starbucks bottled mocha just as a mid-afternoon snack. Good think we've been walking the length of the hotel between almsot every session. Last night we dabbled in the hotel pool and then had some rather nice American Italian food in the hotel and decided the downpour made it a very good idea we stayed in. Tonight we met one last company in the bar for a chat about entertainment on the BlackBerry (more of it that you'd think) then headed out for Pirate Adventure Golf where we went round in several over paaarrrr, playing the full nine yaaarrrds of astroturf amidst rivulets, palms and chests of booty. Dinner at Pizza Uno, where the 'skins' are a mashed potato pizza with bacon and sour cream (what is it about Florida and potatoes? two years ago the Marriot put on a potato bar at an evening reception with four kinds of mashed potato and five toppings) and the deep pan pizzas are light, thin, crispy and full of over an inch of topping. The fajita pizza wasn't on the menu any more, but they had Blue Moon, a Canadian Belgian wheat beer served with a slice of orange. We drew all over the napkins with crayons, laughed at press releases* and walked a mile back to the hotel in the humid night discussing how to escape from alligators and wondering why the Holiday Inn is dark, closed and definitively 'out'. Tomorrow it's off to Los Angeles (with a touchdown in Houston - Southwestern is adding Colorado and Texas to our already impressive list of states this trip even before we consider stopping off in Ohio to visit with my sister).

*Press release: IBM is spending so much and moving so many people onto a project to save money in the data centre, called Big Green
Mary: so that's where the people they said they wouldn't lay off are going
Simon: Big Green is people!
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