Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Canyons and roast garlic

Out of Hurricane and up to Springdale, with a stop at an organic orchard called Majestic View for smoothies and sandwiches and an odd savoury popcorn with soy beans in; and yes, the view like most of the views we've seen was Majestic. We drove through Springdale twice to check out the motels and gift shops and restaurants; this took >5 minutes including gawping time at the rock stalls and wind spinners of fabulous style... we ended up at the Bumbleberry Motel which is a step up from Motel 6, with attached dinner claiming to be the home of the world-famous bumbleberry pie. The propane shuttle runs every few minutes; you get one shuttle up to the park entrance and another into the park itself and once we figured out how to open the windows to take photos we were very happy.

The view from the visitor centre is impressive and there are boards showing the trails and giving you a very clear idea of how long they take and what you see. We started out at the Court of the Patriarchs: 'short hike' is less than five minutes but a steep five minutes. The Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - and Morone, off to the side. Next we did the lower pool trail to Emerald Ponds; a mile each way of stunning views and green leaves against red rocks, finishing at a curved rock wall with trickles of water cascading over. Weeping Rock is up another short, steep trail with more water seeping and trickling down, set amidst high bluffs and peaks; the water and plants clinging to the rock reminded me of Punakaiki and Fjordland in New Zealand. The last walk we took was the riverside stroll; paved trail a mile long beside the Virgin river through Zion canyon, with high, high cliffs, blue sky, green leaves, dippers in the green swirling river and a trail that ends in the river itself. If you feel like getting wet you can walk up to a waterdall; we'll do it a warmer day.

Dinner at the excellent Spotted Dog. We had cauliflower dip and tapenade on flatbread and hummous with tapenade and french bread with a whole head of sweet brown roasted garlic, pork loin with polenta and stuffing and apple and pine nut sauce (must try that at home), filet mignon with applewood smoked bacon and blue cheese and steamed sweet potato and white chocolate creme brulee and raspberry espresso cappucino mouse and Spotted Dog ale (in a Polygamy Porter - why stop at just one - take one home for the wives glass) and a Yukiah Mendocino Pinot Noir from Parducci, and a nice chat with the couple from Oregon at the next table.

So - tipsy, tired, early night. Night all!
Tags: food, travel

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