Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Three states in one day

Enough of the luxury suite and basking in the cool, warm and hot pools of the pool garden and dinner at our favourite Vegas restaurant (Shibuya at the MGM Grand, which has fabulous sushi and excellent cocktails; I must have a go at the peach puree and plum wine and something with a champagne top) - and also enough of the 7.30 meetings and 8.30 keynotes and the wireless connections that bounce while you're downloading presentations. MIX and MEDC both gave us plenty of ideas and now it's time for a little nature.

Getting the rental car was complicated by the fact that Alamo has moved. In fact all the car rentals have moved into one big rental car facility - miles away from Rental Car Drive. even the taxi driver was confused. After waiting in a long queue and then having the last compact handed over to the people in the queue behind us, they bumped us to a mid size and we went out to battle Las Vegas traffic. Mem to self; update GPS maps for Vegas to include new roads...

I15 goes up into high desert with stunning mountains pretty quickly and stays that way into Arizona and up to Utah. When you get close to the Virgin River you suddenly see patches of green - and golf courses. At one point the road ahead of us vanished into the mountains; Virgin River Gorge cuts through the mountains and out the other side, which is more mountains. Along this road we passed trucks towing squashed cars, boats and a swimming pool.

Up the 9 to Hurricane for the night and our first Motel 6. Sunset turns up the saturation on the red cliffs outside town and paints the sky pink and yellow. There is a giant H on a hillside near town; we conclude the other letters have blown away...

Tomorrow is Zion national park and lots of photographs...

NVAZUT. Sounds like a strange new vodka...
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