Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Things I like about Windows Vista

In no particular order, and as the Vista reviews I've linked to are from before there were many ReadyBoost USB sticks about, these are a few of the things I personally value about Vista

graphics drivers out of kernel; if the graphics driver crashes, the PC doesn't
performance monitor; I can see how badly the Sonic application I can't get rid of is making things
ReadyBoost; I can upgrade any laptop and get extra battery life very cheaply
RSS in the platform - any RSS app can see the same list of feeds, so I finally have a list of blogs I actually read
GPMSC - the management console for Group Policy; I'll like it better in SP1 when I can keyword search it but now it's the official tool it's a better way to keep on top of the 3,000 things I can control by policy
search from the Start menu; I don't browse directories or program group flyouts any more, I type three letters or two words and get the file or the Google results I want
photo tagging in PhotoGallery; I use the Sidebar photo widget to have photos flipping and when I see a nice one I tag it - the auto fix is also the easiest I've used and gives surprisingly good results to the point that I've used it for work images
Way better wireless networking

That's not any kind of definitive list - I'm not back up to speed by any means. And there are things that bug me; there is an oddity about network authentication and offline files on this machine that I can't track down. But being able to recover previous versions of a file from the server without bugging Simon to open the backup is very neat. I am waiting for a decent tablet PC so I can make full use of flicks and the improved handwriting recognition. But I like Vista to the point that when I finally got my hands on a UMPC after eagerly awaiting it for months, my first thought was that I didn't actually want to use it without Vista on. And I wish there was more hardware that supported the niftier Vista features like Sideshow, that we could crack open the Lumina to put in more memory and take it to Vista and that my little Tosh didn't have some deep-seated incipient hardware failure so I could upgrade it. But Ultimate should still be cheaper.
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