Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

IBM Identity Mixer

I like the idea of disclosing just as much about myself as I want and no more; of proving membership of a class rather than having my personal membership of the class validated, of proving I'm over 21 rather than giving my exact age. I'm certainly getting enough experience of providing identity claims as part of dealing with my mother's estate. I'm already very interested in the various Identity 2.0 systems that are coming through and the Identity Mixer is the first thing IBM has contributed to the new wave. Higgins and CardSpace are often perceived as competition and there are tensions between IBM and Microsoft that make them different directions, but for the developer and for the end user they're going to be pieces that sit side by side and get mixed up. Roll on the abstraction of identity functionality for the Internet.

Age, shoe size: IBM thinks you should only disclose as much of your identity as you want; read the rest of my piece on Developer Register
Tags: articles, cardspace, development, devreg, identity, technology, writing

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