Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Tragedy of errors?

I expect I will laugh about this later, but probably much later. The scenario: my mother's funeral is at noon, in Essex. We are in Putney. I have many things to bring down - photos, flowers, vases, music and poetry for the ceremony, my mum's big bag of photos so my sister from the US can say which she'd like copies of. It is a 2 hour drive.
And poor Simon woke up this morning with the gastric bug that's sweeping the nation and isn't fit to drive. Did I mention we were going to bring my sister-from-the-US back to London in the car so we could hang out for a while so she only booked a single rather than a return? So here I am in a taxi stuffed with flowers, vases and stuff, heading for the M25 and Herongate; the bluebell wood where we're burying mum.
I suppose at least it gives me something other than the funeral to fret about!

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