Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Gear Digest: cutting cords, and I don't mean wi-fi

Let's face it: cables and power cords tie you down. No matter how small and sleek your device, plugging in the power cord and a connecting cable turns it into a brick that's tied to the wall and your PC. Wi-Fi isn't the answer for many gadgets, because it uses too much power and gets too complicated if you're dealing with a secure network. Bluetooth, Wireless USB and other UWB connections, even infrared can be a better solution. This year we're seeing a lot more devices that use wireless, not just for transferring files back to your PC, but for connecting peripherals, playing music, sending TV around the house and even charging your devices. These are the wireless technologies to watch in 2007.

Of all these, I most want the DVI UWB and wireless power ones - Nikola Tesla, take a bow...
Tags: articles, technology, tom's hardware, wireless, writing
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