Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

From the wind-up gramophone to the iPod Shuffle

Covering the history of portable music players for Tom's Hardware has been fascinating; sbisson did a lot of the research and we turned up some fascinating details, from the inventor who took his stereoradiogram to the beach (reminded me of Tony Levin putting an expresso machine in a flight case) to the MP3 player company who went out of business after handing out free players at the Academy Awards. I got to see the first car radio at Motorola's headquarters last year; I wish I knew what happened to the portable wind-up gramophone I once had; I still remember the Hango PJB-100 (the first hard drive MP3 player) with fondness.

So how far have we come? I've just looked at two midget music players. I don't like the new iPod Shuffle at all (on consideration I think I was too polite about it in the review, but I do try to bear in mind that some people want just that kind of cheap, convenient reduction ochoice - sorry, simplicity) and I actually like the Samsung YP-U2 quite a lot; find out why...

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