Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Onus of proof?

Where should the burden of blocking spam rest? On the ISP mail server? At your server? In your client? With the person sending you mail? Making the person who sends you unsolicited mail respond to a mail message that asks them to click a link to go to a Web site and type in a captcha to get the mail through might sound like a good idea - although how you distinguish your legitimate spam filtering site from my phishing site is another question and aren't we telling users not to click links in email these days? It's certainly a burden to the sender and if I was a spammer I'd have a bot to do it for me - if the spam was really high value I'd extract the captcha and pay peanuts to college students to do it. These systems usually end up penalising the legitimate user...

But how about if the person sending you that unsolicited mail is responding to a mail you've sent them, perhaps through a directory site, asking them to get in touch if they're interested in a project? Making a potential business partenr jump through hoops to keep spam out of your inbox - does that send a message that you're professional or not?
Tags: email, rant, spam, technology

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