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US food, the packet way

Next week in Las Vegas we'll be making a detour to a Whole Foods Market or a Trader Joe's along the way to pick up some travelling essentials. I prefer the biscuits on a roll (the cardboard tube refigerated kind) but as the roll tends to pop under hold pressure I pick up the biscuit mix, which also makes up instant pancakes and fritters pretty well. And we'll be after another box of cornbread mix as last night's cornbread in a skillet was very nice. No jalapenos in the house so I flung in some spring onion and frozen corn (as the dehydrated corn kernels weren't immediately obvious). Mix like muffins - ie as little as possible - and bake for 25 minutes at 180; yum. We had it with a Waitrose roast chicken which makes its own gravy in the bag you carry it home it; if not, the box suggests maple syrup to drizzle. Bacon bits would be nice too.



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4th Mar, 2007 20:33 (UTC)
We expect you next in May, right?
4th Mar, 2007 20:57 (UTC)
yep, next week is just a hit-and-run on Las Vegas for PMA, the big camera conference. End of April we head back to LA/Las Vegas and then up your way, if we may. We'll be like humming birds, flitting off to a conference and then back and then off and then back, finishing up in Orlando and passing through LA and San Diego along the way... long distance humming birds with luggage. Anything non-liquid we can bring you, let us know some time in April ;-)
5th Mar, 2007 00:46 (UTC)
I really am liking the meyer/olive oil you brought from Napa, almost better than the Italian equivalent.

I was just making sure that we weren't expecting you in March--memory? What memory?
4th Mar, 2007 22:21 (UTC)
oohhhh I miss Whole Foods Market *weeps*
5th Mar, 2007 00:51 (UTC)
the one at High St Ken should be open soon... Summer 2007. pray it has the smoked halibut pate...
4th Mar, 2007 23:42 (UTC)
You do know you can make all these things from scratch?

5th Mar, 2007 00:40 (UTC)
I do. But only am I sometimes lazy, I don't know the cuisine enough to know where the elasticity in the recipes are - is it the same cornmeal as polenta or a different 'grind' (seemed much finer to me)? is the sugar optional to taste or an integral part of the chemistry the way it is in a sponge cake? where in London can I find buttermilk that doesn't cost so much and go off so quickly biscuits become a luxury?
7th Mar, 2007 18:28 (UTC)
I used to get - and I think you probably still can - buttermilk from the supermarkets here. Once you have one small container, you can make your own at home easily by taking a tablespoon or two of the old stuff, mixing it with a bunch of milk, and leaving it out until it "clabbers". I kept it going for quite a while at one stage.

Most of the time now I just substitute yogurt. It works perfectly well as a substitute 1:1.

ISTR making cornbread from fairly coarse ground stuff - but I'm sure the recipes you can find copiously online will specify.

8th Mar, 2007 18:27 (UTC)
Onions and corn sound like much better amendments than jalapenos to me. :-) I'm' glad the mixes are working out.
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