Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Choosing a handheld GPS

Last time we were driving around the US (Nevada/Arizona/California) we were using the Benefon TWIG as well as our old favourite, ALK CoPilot on a Windows Mobile smartphone to navigate, backed up by Microsoft Windows Live Mobile Search (or whatever the five mile long name actually is), with a touch of Yahoo Maps. It's not that I don't like CoPilot enough: in fact the only thing I like more is the new CoPilot 7, and that's compared to TomTom as well. It's that the rental didn't have any power to the lighter socket and we couldn't charge the Bluetooth GPS unit that we use with the phone. The TWIG was disappointing in many ways; the Teleatlas maps are very impressive, but you can only pick a point of interest by type and name, not location. At one point I was *this* close to navigating us to the MGM Grand in LA instead of the one in Las Vegas.... Benefon promises the next version will fix this and has some other interesting plans besides. But what you want from a GPS might be different from what I want personally; in which case, check out my guide to Choosing a Handheld GPS over at Gear Digest...
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