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Tapas and travel

This week I've felt like a ball in a pinball machine, ricocheting from meeting to keynote to dinner to meeting to party bed and back again. I have consumed large amounts of jamon iberico perching at parties or passing through press conferenes. I have had peach juice for breakfast and nothing for lunch and aubergine with a parmesan crisp and sea bream with asparagus and baby squid for dinner. And today when all my meetings were done I found a nice café bar a block down from the fira and had café cortado - like a cappucino without the froth - and jamon iberico and bacalao shallow fried with big thick slices of garlic and crème caramel that they called flan, all served by a waiter playing peekaboo, putting the coffee down on one side of the table while I was reading and tapping me on the other shoulder...

And then I took two metros instead of one because Playa del Sants and Sants Estacion aren't the same, kept a Canadian-living-in-Switzerland off the wrong train to the airport and flew home on a plane that was late leaving, almost on time landing and stuck waiting for an air bridge for a looooong time...


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16th Feb, 2007 03:20 (UTC)
crème caramel that they called flan
that's very common in Florida, particularly in Cuban influenced restaurants (though that may be a coincidence!) ... though of the flan (pronounced "flahhn") I tried, they tended to be a little more grainy in texture than good crème caramel (almost as though the egg had started to turn slightly into scrambled egg rather than custard) though that could have been poor cooking ...

... so what were the highlights of 3GSM for you?
16th Feb, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
or is that tres leches and quattro leches? sponge cake soaked in milk and creme and custard and dulce de leche - in Cuban districts of Florida rowanf tells me you can get it in the supermarket and you eat it in tiny squares and the grainy texture would be the sponge...

this was a nice solid one with a thick melt of caramel on the top and scattered crystals embedded in the curved sides.

highlights - the Symbian party was fun! The HTC and BlackBerry handsets, interoperable IM, people getting location, WiMAX prodding the industry along and the new T9 interfaces. More reasoned analysis on IT Pro later today...
16th Feb, 2007 08:20 (UTC)
> bacalao shallow fried

Oh I am so envious; my favorite food...
16th Feb, 2007 13:44 (UTC)
it was *delicious*... slices of garlic so thick they're like potato
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