Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Fear my detective ability

A lifetime of reading murder mysteries, watching Veronica Mars and asking tricky questions at press conferences has not been wasted; at the murder mystery dinner last night I sat, like Hercules Poirot, exercising the little grey cells and sent Simon scurrying around as my Hastings (unlike Holmes, Poirot let his Watson do the legwork and ask the questions), caught the fairly hefty hint from the acting troupe and solved the mystery. Actually, almost everyone solved the mystery but our team had all the clues and evidence and I was asked to deliver the denoument! Apart from being utterly exhausted by that point, it was huge fun.

Spotting inconsistencies, evasions, uncertainties and other clues: all in a day's work for us technology journalists. Even better if there's a drink in it ;-)
Tags: fun, pr
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