Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Grey Munich

We woke up to snow blanketing the skylight, falling gently in the pre-dawn light what I normally prefer not to see. Bought a lilac hat at the airport that turned out to be on sale for less than a third of the marked price. All flowerpot jokes now officially banned.

Our Lufthansa flight was one of the few not marked as delayed; the bus-summonin ritual of buying coffee got the gate announced and the doors open on time. The German pilot was predictably surprised that with only one de-icer there was a 40 minute wait to be sprayed down. Got some great shots of the spraying; wonderful slushy consistency - the drops off the wing made huge circles in the run-off as they hit the tarmac.

Hardly any snow in Germany - a few stripes at the edges of the fields, like the cream that puddles in the crimped edges of an apple pie when the rest runs down to the bottom of the bow (did I mention up and out in 20 minutes with no time for #breakfast#?). Munich is grey with a little rain and a glimpse of the mountains, which do have snow and a touch of that pinky yellow light that means either snow or smog.

Now cruising down the autobahn at a smooth 140km.

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