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The most portable PC

I've been doing a series of buying and tips guides for Tom's Hardware which are also now available on the new Gear Digest site. Here's a couple of links...

Squeeze More Life Out Of Your Batteries
The Most Portable PC


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6th Feb, 2007 00:11 (UTC)
Mmm, portability.

Given my upcoming 3 months of travel this year, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a (EEEEVIL!) Sony TX3 that was going cheap in John Lewis' (open box sale). I did my homework first and checked it for linux compatability.

You know how many device drivers I have to install to get everything -- and I mean everything -- working with ubuntu?

One -- the biometric fingerprint scanner driver. (It's not in the current Ubuntu release. Maybe in six months' time.)

Everything else Just Worked, modulo the usual modicum of tweaking -- nothing broken, just some control panels to click on and a couple of configuration files to untangle.

And it looks like the reviews giving it a 7-8 hour real-world battery life are accurate.
6th Feb, 2007 12:25 (UTC)
I was more impressed with the UX and TX models at CES than I expected to be - not enough to tempt me from the Portege but I'd have a UX over an OQO any day, especially the one with a flash drive. But the Sony service costs still put me off; I suppose John Lewis makes that a little less painful.
6th Feb, 2007 15:39 (UTC)
The John Lewis angle was what convinced me: they provide a free 2 year warranty and customer service is where they're at. As long as the TX doesn't throw any hardware fits in the first week, I'll be happy (as it'll probably be stable for years after the burn-in).

More freaky displays of uber-compatability: it recognized and mounted my iPod under some KDE media player! Even though it's HFS+ formatted. And I've now got T-Mobile web'n'walk via bluetooth to a Sony-Ericsson M600i. All under Linux, with only medium-painful tweaking (as in: absolutely no excursions into source code or compilers, just occasional RTFM'ing and checking of FAQs on the internet before editing configuration files).

I'd happily take a flash-based UX, if I could convince it to run $OS_OF_CHOICE and someone else would open their wallet for me. As it is, I think I'll stick with the TX and phone combi -- the phone does enough of the PDA stuff to keep me happy and the TX is a great little laptop.

6th Feb, 2007 15:41 (UTC)
open their wallet and squeeze firmly...

that's easier than trying to get a mac to allow me to install Vista; Boot Camp says I have the 'wrong kind of partition'!
7th Feb, 2007 16:44 (UTC)
Such a shame that all these tiddly machines run Windows. If they ran OS X I'd be all over them.

(And no, Linux isn't good enough - I shouldn't have to RTFM to have it make noises or play video)
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