Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Things Apple doesn't think you need #5: a demo of the iPod Shuffle

If you want to try out most Apple kit, you can do it in the Apple Store. Unless it's an iPod Shuffle when you can press the buttons but not hear what it sounds like as none of the units have headphones. If you go to the wrong Apple store - in the local mall, say - you'll be told that you don;t need to listen to it because 'it sounds like an iPod'. If you go to the right Apple Store - Palo Alto say - an employee will scratch their head and suggest that you unplug the Bose headphones from the iPod next to the Shuffle display and plug that instead, and if you find the one Shuffle in four that actually has any charge, you can hear what a $79 player sounds like with $200 headphones. If you want to hear it with the headphones that come in the box, you can find a Shuffle and a Nano that are close enough together that you can pull the headphone half out of the security tag so that they reach the Shuffle. At this point I had to fold forward from the waist, lean on the display case of iPod Nano boxes and lay my head on the table in order to get the headphones to fit in my ears. Or I could have bought one, taken it out of the shop and come back in five minutes later saying 'actually, no, I don't think it does sound like any other iPod'. Could be they've left on the auto-convert down to 128kbps setting in iTunes; I haven't yet found if you can actually turn that off - further investigation on the review unit. Until then, I'll be bending over the counter...
Tags: apple, apple store, mp3, rant, technology

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