Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Crazy busy at CES

Four days of gadgets galore, standing in line for shuttle buses back and forth between sites (some of which were Routemasters with the top sawn off), burgers at In-N-Out, gazing down at Vegas from the 32nd floor, gazing down at Vegas from the monorail, sushi at Shibuya at MGM (eventually), meetings, meetings, meetings, gadgets and collapsing into bed.

Now we're on the road to San Jose; we stopped in Barstow for coffee, marvelled at the star-clotted sky over the desert and mountains backlight by moon and we're stopped in Mojave in a motel (America's Best Value Inn) which has that round the world fixed wing glider carved into the mirror frame and headboards! Tomorrow we'll head to Pasa Robles and look for wineries... Good night ;)
Tags: ces, food, gadgets, technology, travel

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