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2006 travels, 2007 travels

We're off to Las Vegas for CES on Thursday morning (with a quick scoot into the Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then up to the Bay Area for some R&R - that's Research and Recreation although we shall try to avoid doing seven meetings in two days this time as we'll have had enough of that at CES).

Over Christmas we totted up our usual annual travel and it was both more and less than 2005; more time away, more continents visited, more friends seen, more companies met, far less time in Europe, fewer train journeys, fewer photos uploaded to Flickr (I just got behind on one trip and never got back in the rhythm).

Countries visited
US - San Francisco (not counting how many visits any more!), San Jose, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View and generally the Bay Area; down the coast to Pacific Grove and on to Carmel, Big Sur, SLO, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Los Angeles; Barstow, Death Valley, Las Vegas; Dallas - the city once and then just the airport, for hours and hours; Fort Lauderdale via Miami (and Simon went to Orlando too); New York; San Diego; Seattle; Chicago (my turn for a solo trip).
New Zealand - side to side and from Auckland and Coromandel down to Dunedin and Glenorchy and back!
Hong Kong
Germany - Munich
Switzerland - Geneva

Countries I submitted copy from while on the road
All of the above except Germany

Places of geek pilgrimage visited
WETA Digital
Dave Hewlett & Bill Packard's office
HP Research, Microsoft Research (Seattle and Silicon Valley)
Slip F8 Bahia Mar

Airlines flown
BA, Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue, Air New Zealand, Alaskan Air, American, United, Lufthansa

Longest itineraries
London - New York - Oakland - San Jose - LA - San Diego - Seattle - New York - London
London - San Francisco - Las Vegas - Dallas - San Francisco - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Dallas - San Jose/San Francisco - London

Trees planted:
one each
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