Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

The Internet *is* a wide audience

This fuss over the shutdown options in Vista (people who know what they need see the different options as excessive because surely everybody will want the same one as them, Joel Spolsky complaining that the default options are exactly the same as the ones he finally decides he'd want to see and an ex-Softy complaining that because many teams influence the code in Vista the shutdown options were dependant on many other people) just got a a bit funnier. Business Week picked up on the story, mailed Lettvin for comment and got a response that screams 'wait - did I just say that out loud?'. "In an e-mail to, Lettvin stressed that he didn't intend for his post to receive such a wide audience..."

This from a man who now works for Google. The Internet, by definition, is a wide audience; few wider. Remember, never say anything on your blog you wouldn't want to defend to your boss, your mother, your significant other, your doctor, your vet and a jury of your peers...
Tags: blogging, rant, technology
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