Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Christmas at the FT

My Christmas gift guide was in the FT yesterday and it's on the FT site today, in two sections (both only available to subscribers at the moment, but it should be accessible by and by): Wow - that's just what I needed and Desirable or just plain daft.

I tried everything from solar chargers and pop-up mice (nifty) to USB-powered cup warners (well, I refused to actually look at those) to Bluetooth projection keyboards. The kit I'd most like myself from the list? The Sonos wireless music system. Think those M&S ads; this isn't just any streaming music, this is streaming music with full control and no need to leave the server on just to map the NAS box with the music on, and you can even use it as an alarm clock.
Tags: articles, ft, music, technology

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