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BA = Bad Atmosphere

Booking flights on the BA site turns the air blue in the office. First, booking with miles, every time you make a change to the initial selection it loses everything else, so if you change booking for two in December from London to Gatwick it changes it to booking for one in November. Second, when you discover it's only £30 more to pay for the flights because tax is £40+ and anyway there's only one miles seat the day you want to travel and change the booking to two people, it puts the price up from £70 to £84. And then you go to pay and it wants to charge £6 to use a credit card (and when you put in the debit card number it doesn't want the card number labelled card number, it wants the one that's a fakeup of your sort code and account number). It's all such a faff I forgot we could change the date when we pay for the ticket and we stuck with the dates from the miles tickets. #~*(%$%^&&^%&**&*(
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