Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dolphins! We saw dolphins

A morning of packing and talking to Jos and Gerrard and a late breakfast and we set off on the main road to Coromandel town which winds and swoops up and down and round, pausing at a scenic lookout on the spine of the ridge. The road past Coromandel follows the coast, at beach lelvel then climbing up for a wonderful view of the beach and the sea - and a pod of dolphins swimming along in pairs and threes, curving through the water dark and sleek, following each other round and up and down and every now and then leaping out in a high curve or a flip. So wonderful.

On up the coast and onto dirt track (dust!), past bays and inlets and estuaries and mangrove swamps and islands with the tide so far out you could walk across to them.

Pukaklets (or is it pukupkakes) are very dark and very fluffly. As far as Fantail Bay where we walked on the shingle and ate chocolate on the rocks and found ants in the food bag and abandoned the nougat accordingly.

The four foot high model fish mailbox was fun, the dustbin was endearing, the outboard motor was good but the winner today was the fire engine - the mailbox for the fire station!
Then back and back and back, all along the coast and off the Coromandel peninsula entire.

We didn't give up the coast - across the bottom and up the other side of the Firth of Thames. Just out of Thames we saw a stretch limo: not so far from Auckland I thought. Then we saw it was a stretch Ford Granada! Along shingle beaches, a touch desolate in the evening light, past the dragon pottery, along as much coast as we could find and then inland. The road to the airport makes you think you're lost when you're not. The Shanghai flight starts tonight so lots of red lamps and chinese buffet food - and a free 20 minute massage. So tired - onto the plane, a bite to eat and then off into the starry dark. Goodbye New Zealand!

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