Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Noah, Shenandoah and the circus horses

It rained all evening (mussel and beef pizza nd Ginger Tom beer), all night, all morning (apple and raisin fritters with bacon and a long visit at Shades of Jade - there are lots of jade carving shops, this is run by a father and son and I've been there every trip since I bought my first greenstone, which I always wear, they're very friendly and talk about the jade and bring out slabs of stone to show you, so not only are they recarving a piece I bought there that broke, they're also making me a hair stick and matching ear-rings and Simon has a black twist and a black ear-ring bead coming... And shipping is peanuts), all lunchtime (we went up the other side of the Grey river which was brown and turgid to Blackball, home of salami and endless wheels), all afternoon (soaking in the hot black water of the Japanese pools at Maruia Springs with the raindrops splashing and rebounding from the water in exclamation marks and bannister finials, then dashing from the hot pool to the cold shower) and really all day.

A thousand rushing gushing streams and waterfalls dash and tumble brown and white down the slopes. Maruia falls might be sedate normally but today they were a torrent of water hurtling down a step the full width of the river. We sat behind three blue and white vans for a while; I thought I saw smiley faces, Simon saw control panels. When it started belching fumes and pulled over so we could pass it we saw circus horses - a merry go round going merrily down the road.

A rainbow at the rainbow falls ski field. We didn't go over the Gowan bridge. Saddle lookout: 634 metres and a hairpin bend down... And finally it seems to have just about stopped raining.

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