Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

F's at the Getty

Another lovely afternoon at the Getty, preceded by brunch at Figaro on Vermont (the sandwiches are as good as the breakfasts), driving around randomly and finding both the weird tree (pink flowers, pale green leaves, apple green trunk the shape of a palm but with thorns) and a splendid view of all the hills, a wander around the La Brea tar pits (note, not actually on La Brea) and a cruise along Mulholland Drive, this time in the daylight to see the view. We worked out that we've now visited the Getty in fire and fog and fine and foam and falling rain and funder.

Ahem :) And now, as usual, we're on a freeway in LA on a Friday evening in the rain in the rush hour: ribbons of lights streaming by on the way to a sparkling carnival city.
Tags: travel
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