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Word file recovery: colour me impressed

I've just updated 2007 Office beta 2 with the Technical Refresh. The Outlook offline cache hasn't survived and Outlook is trapped in a loop. Black mark. But Word had crashed just before I updated and I was having trouble getting into the auto-recovery files. I knew I could recover everything from ClipMate because I'd been copying between documents, so I decided to give up and install the refresh. After a rather long time with a very uninformative progress bar the refresh completed, warned me in a rather cryptic dialog that other applications would need updating too and showed the new and tasteful (or is it bland? OneNote is much less visible in the notification area) icons. I started Word - and there were the auto-recovered document in a task pane. Full marks!

And I do like the way the 'pinned' documents on the Recent Documents pane of the Office menu now have the pushpin both coloured green - and pushed in to the menu ;-)


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22nd Sep, 2006 06:15 (UTC)
Also the Outlook - IE7 RSS integration is nice, and I liked Desktop Search 3. Can't wait for O12 to get released!
22nd Sep, 2006 09:28 (UTC)
there are many many nice things in Outlook 2007. I'm having performance glitches with it in this refresh but I think I may just need to reboot often enough for prefetch to kick in...

WDS 3 had a long way to go to win me over from LookOut; it's a different way of working and not quite as broad-ranging for email. Cool for documents and I must get the handy toolbar (fragmented delivery strategy, guys).
17th Dec, 2010 20:53 (UTC)
I have been working with word files during many time and one day I stumbled on an unpleasant problem, which I could resolve with the aid of a tool. To my mind it would help quite good in this proposition, just like effectively relieved me - recover word.
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