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26th March 2019

My tweets

  • Tue, 02:36: RT @sutiandong: PROUD to announce the launch of the #womeninVC directory & data insights today! The 🌎's largest global directory for women…
  • Tue, 03:25: RT @IanDunt: Bercow shoots down Greg Hands: "I don't require any help from the rt hon gentleman. He wouldn't have the foggiest idea where t…
  • Tue, 03:26: Brexit in five words� https://t.co/n8JX6JNB40
  • Tue, 03:27: Parliament in a nutshell� https://t.co/g0VtwkDDQk
  • Tue, 03:27: RT @IanDunt: Vince Cable is the one who bothers to remind MPs that a "major constitutional innovation" just took place.
  • Tue, 03:28: RT @IanDunt: This is a massive moment. Parliament has now taken control of the Brexit process.
  • Tue, 03:32: Brexit in *9* words if you prefer� https://t.co/EvHeGwNLXv
  • Tue, 03:34: RT @IanDunt: Really powerful speech by Soubry. "I am not interested in my majority. I am not interested in coming back to this place to tak…
  • Tue, 03:34: RT @IanDunt: "And I don't care what that costs me. If that means I can't go home of a weekend because of death threats, if that means I hav…
  • Tue, 03:34: RT @IanDunt: "I feel sorry for them and that can't be right. But this is the biggest decision this country has made since the Second World…
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