January 17th, 2019

full steam ahead

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  • Wed, 12:34: RT @sonniesedge: Maybe each MP could get up and scream for 40 seconds, which might represent the national mood much better. #PMQs
  • Wed, 12:38: RT @cory_foy: Oh my gosh: In which Stack Overflow boldly states software engineers as a whole are 93% Male and Straight. https://t.co/v6Xkd
  • Wed, 12:39: RT @J_amesp: I have some sad but obvious news: Homelessness: Brexit will increase it. Poverty: Brexit will increase it. Unemployment: Br…
  • Wed, 12:41: Something about the game industry policing bad behaviour by creators and fans... Nope� https://t.co/dEm4djPfWD
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @IanDunt: May singularly fails to rule out a permanent customs union.
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @IanDunt: I think this is it. This is the moment. It's an inept as it gets. I have never seen a politician squander an opportunity this…
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @IanDunt: May is demonstrably unable to govern. And this morning she is clearly darting from a weak spot Corbyn has had as a firm policy…
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @IanDunt: It's like watching a sword-fight with wet mops.
  • Wed, 12:46: All of them have gone back to the business as usual point scoring that *got us in this mess*� https://t.co/sR2WahbMfX
  • Wed, 12:48: RT @lauraewaddell: Imagine if the BBC's "Brexit Lectures" were given over to experts from different sectors instead of... this. Six white m…
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