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14th May 2018

My tweets

  • Sun, 22:05: Always makes me think of Android SoCs ;) GPU should be smoking though� https://t.co/FJjHywJUG6
  • Sun, 22:06: RT @queer_queenie: 2014: oh no, microsoft owns minecraft now, how terrible 2018: thank god notch doesn't own minecraft anymore
  • Mon, 05:31: RT @random_walker: Until recently, for those of us who wanted to incorporate ethics into computer science curricula, the challenge was to g…
  • Mon, 09:05: RT @checarina: I turn into Gollum whenever I'm shopping for clothes: "Has it got pocketses, precious? No pocketses?? Nasty, false, tricksy…
  • Mon, 09:08: RT @GossiTheDog: I really never thought a photo of my dog with a Porg for a face being rode by a cowboy Porg would be used as branding for…
  • Mon, 09:12: It kind of sounds like... Staying in the EU would do all of that https://t.co/vDTDGK3zLZ
  • Mon, 09:15: We may not know all the details until publication so RT is not endorsement https://t.co/t0W7bwYPvH
  • Mon, 09:17: RT @EddyDever: It’s terrifying that both of these things are true at the same time in this world: • computers drive cars around • the st…
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