January 16th, 2017

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Sun, 12:34: RT @gcaughey: On Windows 7 users selectively apply patches, But Microsoft tests fully patched OS. See the difference? https://t.co/a16sCMQc
  • Sun, 12:53: RT @Lady_Ada_King: How you can tell the Google developers live in California. https://t.co/ls5Jlk4pk0
  • Sun, 16:33: That was fun! Topping up caffeine levels for a jet lagged @troyhunt & less jet lagged @larsklint w @sbisson. Sorry London is grimdark!
  • Sun, 16:42: RT @alexstamos: Next we need enterprise-only features (like hypervisor-backed Edge container) to trickle into default config of OEM-shipped…
  • Sun, 16:42: RT @alexstamos: The slow but steady progress on anti-exploit and containers might make Win10 most secure desktop OS when config'd. https://…
  • Sun, 16:44: RT @codepo8: Can we stop celebrating trolling and YouTube "pranks"? It is destructive as shit and brings out the worst in people.
  • Sun, 16:53: RT @justinxinliu: The two new APIs are SetImplicitShowAnimation & SetImplicitHideAnimation. Note you will need to install the latest SDK 15…
  • Sun, 16:53: RT @mhoye: It's not that the best lack all conviction, it's that the worst have been gerrymandering for decades.
  • Mon, 01:55: RT @alexstamos: First, check out Moxie’s technical explanation of why this is a reasonable tradeoff and not a backdoor. (2/7) https://t.co/