November 24th, 2016

full steam ahead

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  • Wed, 18:56: RT @mcclure111: When perpetual motion machines are investigated, usually what you find is some part of the apparatus is degrading to create…
  • Wed, 19:00: RT @theobertram: 2016-17: Brexit matters more than money 2017-18: Still worth it 2018-19: Ok 2019-20: Right 2020-21: Look, I don't have tha…
  • Wed, 19:02: RT @mattblaze: Administering your own computers & servers is fun & rewarding unless you’re doing it in a crisis, which is exactly when you…
  • Wed, 19:06: Bullclip - interesting collaborative�digital markup tools�for Win10�
  • Wed, 19:12: RT @lenazun: if you think all meetings are a waste of time and not "real work", you're in the wrong meetings. or being useless at meetings.…
  • Wed, 19:16: thinking of .NET Standard as the Xamarin iOS/Android API surface across all platforms is a good rule of thumb��
  • Wed, 19:20: interesting numbers on both OEMs & ODMs: Global notebook shipments up on year after two years of decline
  • Wed, 19:25: I missed this: HPE bringing out�Managed Services for Microsoft Azure. do customers need HPE in the middle?�
  • Wed, 20:21: image of the day: Bill Gates applauding the woman who invented the entire discipline of systems programming &oh BTW helped land on the moon
  • Wed, 20:24: I often have interviewees tell me 'good question'. last week I earned 'phenomenal question!'. Today�I levelled up to�'NP complete question'
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