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18th November 2016

My tweets

  • Thu, 17:26: RT @akoeplinger: @onovotny the openssl dependency will be replaced by the Apple crypto stack in the future: https://t.co/X3jYkzuvYw
  • Thu, 20:24: So what trump said to May is either whatever or 'this is crazy we just met but call me maybe, you're hot '
  • Fri, 00:30: RT @gcaughey: More discussion about UWP vs. WPF: the goal is to close the gaps that remain that keep developers from using UWP for LOB apps…
  • Fri, 00:31: RT @gcaughey: Q: What is the future of WPF vs. UWP? A: UWP XAML stack is getting all investments now, but WPF is  sometimes still better (f…
  • Fri, 00:32: RT @tomwarren: Seems to be a common complaint. Ahh Apple, all you had to do was make an actual pro laptop https://t.co/TwVXZn2PrT
  • Fri, 00:38: Hmmm; looks like build 14971 has some annoying bugs - maybe one to skip
  • Fri, 00:47: RT @gcaughey: Q: When with UWP support .NET Standard? A: The goal is to make that happen as fast as they can. #MSFTConnect
  • Fri, 00:48: RT @gcaughey: New APIs for Windows are built first in WinRT now. #MSFTConnect
  • Fri, 00:49: RT @TeklaPerry: UPenn's Draugelis: Health AI is "about optimization, personalization, and insights. It’s not about a driverless health syst…
  • Fri, 00:51: RT @gcaughey: Q: Are there plans to add modding capability to the Store? A: Nothing to announce but we understand the need for extensibilit…
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  • 23 Oct 2016, 01:42
    Really, it's the terrible thing about developers which is the same thing as...
  • 22 Oct 2016, 22:44
    Re: the IoT botnets.

    The GREAT thing about the Internet is that anyone can put anything on the Net and get connectivity.

    The TERRIBLE thing about the Internet is the same as the GREAT thing.
  • 26 Apr 2016, 06:34
    thank you!
  • 23 Apr 2016, 10:53
    Happy (belated) birthday!
  • 10 Jan 2016, 16:09
    The beer doesn't resemble anything I've ever had in Shibuya. Can't speak for the fish'n'chips -- there's a pub chain called the Hub in Tokyo that does fish'n'chips but I've never tried them.
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