October 7th, 2016

full steam ahead

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  • Thu, 21:49: RT @stevesi: @m_simo good grief, windows survival is not in question at all.
  • Thu, 22:06: RT @monkchips: "as a citizen of your country you should be proud to pay taxes." @laurelatoreilly on society and community, and craft beer @…
  • Thu, 22:11: RT @jeremiahg: Security teams are often ignored by management, but in my experience, very rare for critical events to be purposely kept fro…
  • Thu, 22:14: RT @DaveLeeBBC: I'm told @PalmerLuckey didn't attend #oc3 as he wanted to avoid being a "distraction" to the day's announcements.
  • Thu, 22:15: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Ascribing maliciousness to your opponents is easier than realizing the horror that everyone trying to do the right thi…
  • Thu, 22:34: Perhaps the time to worry about your shitposting 501c distracting from your business is before you ever create it...
  • Thu, 23:04: yet again I miss being able to right-click on APs in the Windows 10 wifi list; how do I quickly delete a network I don't want now, eh?
  • Thu, 23:21: Pixel phones from Verizon get monthly updates from Google but only get Android feature updates when Verizon gets around to it. security 1st
  • Thu, 23:30: AI matters in CRM because despite the web & cloud, a huge amount of sales is still done by salespeople. does that feel weird&old fashioned?
  • Thu, 23:42: half of my feed is techies who will love AI for ad targeting; the other half is people who will feel creepy stalked by this #df16
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