September 30th, 2016

full steam ahead

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  • Thu, 16:04: RT @dinabass: Microsoft confirms that Qi Lu is leaving the company for health reasons. Harry Shum takes over AI/search, Rajesh Jha takes Of…
  • Thu, 16:06: RT @codepo8: Microsoft consolidates multiple groups to create new combined AI and Research group (Bing and Cortana teams)
  • Thu, 16:06: RT @megganpez: GDC had an unreasonably small number of submissions from women in the programming track. I would love suggestions on who to…
  • Thu, 16:06: RT @jsnover: Concise and precise explanation of the value proposition for VMM 2016 @SCVMM
  • Thu, 16:07: RT @jsnover: Last year I was going to go to Black Hat but mistakenly told my boss I was going to Red Hat. He didn't have a heart attack but…
  • Thu, 16:10: I remain confused why the #msignite videos are on YouTube; sends a very strange signal about Microsoft's own video services
  • Thu, 16:26: RT @Pinboard: Uber is a service for discussing economics with immigrants in a moving vehicle
  • Thu, 16:26: RT @FioraAeterna: "The cleanest surface inside a BMW is the turn signal lever" -- @aralonia
  • Thu, 16:32: RT @longzheng: Holy shit the 2017 Land Rover has more USB ports than my desktop computer
  • Thu, 16:34: RT @citizenmatt: I’m wondering if a deep dive of the .net standard would be a good talk. Walking through reasons, type forwarding, PCLs, co…
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