July 27th, 2016

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Tue, 20:47: NOOOOOOOOOO! Clutter, which I love&works superbly, is getting turned off in favour of focused inbox, which has been meh for me ;( @jsoltero
  • Tue, 20:51: if Microsoft is going to keep building great things then taking them away to try again, maybe they should just stop building good stuff
  • Tue, 21:07: a year later and the Facebook sign in to Microsoft uservoice sites is STILL broken ;(
  • Tue, 21:40: you know how your favourite comics/TV shows/game series keep getting cancelled? I think I'm like that for technology ;( Mary loves it? DIE!
  • Tue, 21:40: RT @jhamby: I did get a very distracting iOS 10 beta feedback dialog asking me whether the calendar reminder I got earlier was helpful. Whi…
  • Tue, 21:53: RT @reckless: Only a phone company could think media isn’t a “capital intensive business.” https://t.co/OopzoTC9P2
  • Tue, 21:57: RT @cfiessinger: Office 365 Groups: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) UI for migrating Distribution Lists (DLs) to Groups https://t.co/qZ5eyqsGyb
  • Tue, 21:57: RT @cfiessinger: Introducing Researcher—accessing credible sources and cited content just got easier > #HelloWorld #Office https://t.co/ky
  • Tue, 21:58: RT @Viss: having an 'under duress' pw that alerts friends/family "this isn't me, this is a fed pretending to be me". like a warrant canary…
  • Tue, 22:09: RT @lancewmccarthy: If you just got the #Lumia950XL or #Lumia950 firmware update, find the "Double Tap To Wake" option under Settings > Ext…
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