July 4th, 2016

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Mon, 00:39: Pretty sure the immigration officer on learning we're from London asking if we voted leave or stay is just the first of many this trip
  • Mon, 00:41: The pigeon might have voted remain but the eagle we say lifting it off the tarmac of Camino Real won that particular referendum
  • Mon, 00:57: RT @HKesvani: A reminder that BoJo gets paid 250k to write columns that are basically about him. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for my 50 quid…
  • Mon, 00:59: RT @trengriffin: “Runway”- ... Not to be confused with “run away” which is what you should do when founders use words like “paradigm”.
  • Mon, 00:59: RT @jamesdoleman: #burn https://t.co/aqeMehQvv1
  • Mon, 01:01: RT @dhmorton: I’m not sure it’s possible for a mere human to clap slowly enough to do this justice: https://t.co/tKTENnh7YZ