July 1st, 2016

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:39: Windows 10: Two steps forward, one step sideways https://t.co/1n9pCIBiIU #zdnet
  • Thu, 12:57: Edited out of my "1 step sideways" piece for length; the blocker on iOS SMS sync being iOS permissions. Also, the letter S :(
  • Thu, 12:57: RT @pete_sinclair: Cometh the hour, run awayeth the man. #BorisJohnson
  • Thu, 12:58: So it's the journalist who's had enough of experts, the reincarnation of Thatcher, or "pray away the gay" for unity Mitford. What democracy?
  • Thu, 13:01: Cratering the UK economy and the Union but avoiding Boris as prime minister. Gosh, that actually is a hard choice
  • Thu, 13:03: RT @jimeasterbrook: Tampering with safety equipment is another fitting metaphor for today's Tories. https://t.co/VjT7zDQ2gE
  • Thu, 13:07: Boris cunning plan; lose the referendum, play the disappointed buffoon who fought for you into a position in a safe parliament. Achieved 0/5
  • Thu, 13:08: RT @Number10cat: In fairness to Boris, as a cat I know a thing or two about asking to be let out and then instantly regretting that decisio…
  • Thu, 13:11: RT @martinkettle: Boris Johnson will be editor of the Daily Telegraph by Christmas
  • Thu, 13:13: RT @markpack: To be fair to Michael Gove, he was very good at uniting the teaching profession.
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