April 30th, 2016

full steam ahead

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  • Fri, 20:12: RT @wasbuxton: Who can afford NOT to stand on shoulders of what came before, when the best competition WILL take that elevator & start from…
  • Fri, 20:18: RT @frankolivier: Microsoft Edge will no longer consider websites protected with a SHA-1 certificate as secure https://t.co/LGW7b5dSqd
  • Fri, 20:26: algorithm first, phablet first satire survives in the archives https://t.co/4QRiwVeKm0
  • Fri, 20:32: the emoji keyboard would be more useful if it had symbols as well, like ® ™ © others you really can't create with touch
  • Fri, 20:35: yes!!! Atom is dead! ding dong! now if only Forbes wasn't broken on Edge so I could read @PatrickMoorhead say so
  • Fri, 20:39: Atom is dead* *for certain values of dead *probably not dead https://t.co/cH6KEPQu0O
  • Fri, 20:41: at least people can stop pining for the utter disaster that an Atom Windows Phone running 32-bit apps would have been
  • Fri, 20:42: Intel noticed what IDC tries to hard to conceal with its strange definitions; current tablet sales are what we'd call PCs that are tablets
  • Fri, 20:44: hey why does the new Windows 10 fingers crossed enoji look like it slammed its finger in a door? 🤞
  • Fri, 20:44: RT @markrussinovich: Just published Sysinternals updates, including Sysmon v4 with enhanced filtering, Procdump v8 and Sigcheck v2.51. http…
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