November 1st, 2015

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Sat, 13:55: Expect months of this discussion as the IP Bill comes; Internet firms warn over police push for web history access
  • Sat, 14:10: Power BI And SQL Server 2016 BI Announcements At PASS Summit 2015 - lots of
  • Sat, 14:20: RT @sblom: @robmen My answer to that swings wildly from "This is what Windows 8 should've been." to "Where'd that Windows 8 feature go?"
  • Sat, 14:21: RT @xjoeduffyx: Mads discusses where we are with C# 6, and some places we're thinking of going with C# 7:
  • Sat, 18:06: Cat has put on its Halloween costume; it's some kind of gas attack. Very effective cough cough
  • Sat, 20:14: Of course I wore my flashing witch hat wig to walk to Little Waitrose, I'm quirky middle class ;) @sbisson wore his awesome horn helmet
  • Sat, 20:14: RT @chrisgreen: The one plus point we can take from the TalkTalk hack - it's great to see kids interested in programing!
  • Sun, 01:03: RT @bdsams: @maryjofoley I want to scare the children, not ruin their childhood.
  • Sun, 01:03: RT @ReformedBroker: My favorite costume that came to the door today was Elon Musk. Gave the kid some batteries.
  • Sun, 01:06: RT @RoyalSQL: I'm super proud of #summit15 for the number of women that are here. I had to wait in line for the bathroom for the first tim…