October 17th, 2015

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Fri, 23:16: so tempted to wake up super early on the 20th to listen to the House of Lords inquiry into online platforms & should users get more control
  • Fri, 23:19: confusing myself by installing the Skype plugin with Edge which doesn't do extensions???
  • Fri, 23:57: the which the *what* now? WTF Twitter http://t.co/JN8Q8ouuny
  • Sat, 00:00: I can't send any more DMs until I add a phone number to my @twitter account? wow. looks like I'm giving up twtter
  • Sat, 00:05: RT @MDesmaz: "Microagressions are like paper cuts. At the beginning they do not hurt but often they can become wounds". Talk on unconscious…
  • Sat, 00:06: so Twitter's 'no more DMs until you give us your phone number' stupidity lets me reply to DMs but not start them. seriously!
  • Sat, 00:08: soliciting comments from anyone else who is unhappy about #twitter demanding their phone number to stop limiting daily DMs; can't be a DM ;)
  • Sat, 00:44: the Verizon/Lumia spat is proving again that CDMA is a complex system with quite a few disadvantages to offset the coverage advantage
  • Sat, 00:54: hey past mary, could you be a bit less cryptic when you write down your bright ideas?
  • Sat, 00:56: anyone want to guess what I meant by CDO? other than 'OCD in alphabetical order' ;)
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