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16th September 2015

My tweets

  • Tue, 12:42: Favorite emails today: the phishing email with a fake invoice in Latin (titled I will explain) & the picture of the Dyson sphere
  • Tue, 13:42: Fitting two laptops and a cat on my knees at the same time; requires the full length of the recliner chair
  • Tue, 13:45: RT @jeffteper: Lots of work on the SharePoint and OneDrive vNext UX designs http://t.co/FVuYghKE7j
  • Tue, 13:49: Device Guard deployment guide for Windows 10: configurable code integrity policies for software lockdown https://t.co/u6CwOVgcnB
  • Tue, 13:58: Dear all Microsoft security people: VBS is a terrible acronym for virtualisation based security. We will all laugh at you if you use it
  • Tue, 16:47: Making a Nano server is a lot easier than it used to be, though I don't know why it has to be a Gen1 VM? @jsnover
  • Tue, 16:48: RT @maryjofoley: From the MS "Ask the Core Team" blog: Windows 10 volume activation tips: http://t.co/bU8zSKPIwo
  • Tue, 17:59: When Kickstarters mention Surface 3 next to all the other tablets, shows how far Surface has come
  • Tue, 18:11: The worrying thing about the #Lumia 1020 needing its own camera app for DNG/40MP images is that says future phones won't have those features
  • Tue, 18:12: Announcing the Office 365 Service Trust Portal - all the compliance reports in one place! https://t.co/bIr2n8Ilmg
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  • 23 Oct 2016, 01:42
    Really, it's the terrible thing about developers which is the same thing as...
  • 22 Oct 2016, 22:44
    Re: the IoT botnets.

    The GREAT thing about the Internet is that anyone can put anything on the Net and get connectivity.

    The TERRIBLE thing about the Internet is the same as the GREAT thing.
  • 26 Apr 2016, 06:34
    thank you!
  • 23 Apr 2016, 10:53
    Happy (belated) birthday!
  • 10 Jan 2016, 16:09
    The beer doesn't resemble anything I've ever had in Shibuya. Can't speak for the fish'n'chips -- there's a pub chain called the Hub in Tokyo that does fish'n'chips but I've never tried them.
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