June 25th, 2015

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Wed, 13:38: My inner cynic wonders if the desktop on Server 2016 is on the slow side to discourage us from using it #havingabadtechday
  • Wed, 13:49: RT @shaikariv: All your cloud admins in one console: Azure AD PIM now supports 18 roles including Ex365, SP365, Lync365 admin roles http://…
  • Wed, 13:54: I feel mean digging out the quote I got from Microsoft in January about how OEMs are being great partners, after Lenovo & Samsung
  • Wed, 14:14: sigh. I see the new #OneDrive interface doesn't fix the bug where all your images occasionally just show as grey boxes in the browser ;(
  • Wed, 14:16: So far today Windows Server 2016, remote desktop, hyper-v manager & Surface 2 have all gone wrong for me & now I have to use Windows 10 ;)
  • Wed, 15:15: Word for Windows 10 deciding it's going to autosave documents in the OneNote folder and there's nothing I can do about it #passiveagressive
  • Wed, 20:22: On mobile apps, IT is so ‘slow, poor & weak’ that business users make their own apps @nickmcquire tells me; options? http://t.co/omsLs6KvSX
  • Wed, 20:28: RT @deployjeremy: Early look at Power BI updates and new customization options https://t.co/wI85SyQn1X
  • Wed, 20:28: RT @shepazu: Recruiter hit me on @LinkedIn, $180K job, details in .docx file…downloaded: required skills not in my resume. Replied “No"… in…
  • Wed, 20:30: RT @ShayByrne: Azure AD Connect & Connect Health is now GA! - Active Directory Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs http://t.co/odPrxTVBMt
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